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Athlete Support Fund

Issues such as the pandemic, the current cost-of-living crisis etc have significantly impacted the livelihoods of many families of athletes associated with Aquaoaks Artistic Swimming.

In response Aquaoaks have created a dedicated fund to provide support to members (and their families) whose work and livelihoods have been adversely affected. You can request funding for:

  • Membership Fees

  • Club Kit (kit grants can only be used for compulsory kit)

  • Training Equipment

  • Team Routine Costumes & Headpieces

  • Club Camps

  • Artistic Swimming Training Camps (i.e. Cobham & In Synch Summer Intensive)

  • Competition Travel

  • Grade/Competition Entry Fees

  • Competition Overnight Stay/Accomodation

This fund has been generated in an effort to make Aquaoaks more accessible to swimmers who may not otherwise be able to afford to join, or have additional challenges that make it more difficult for them to join and remain an active member. 

Do I qualify for the scheme?

Are you or your child a member of Aquaoaks Artistic Swimming? If so, you may be eligible for help from our Athlete Support Fund.


To qualify you must satisfy the criteria listed below.

  • You / someone in your family is currently registered as a member of Aquaoaks Artistic Swimming

  • Your own / your family’s income has been adversely affected.

  • You / the member(s) in your family would struggle to train/compete, without financial assistance.


Your application will be assessed and all information will be treated in the strictest confidence. Only the Club Committee will review applications.

You can apply as many times as you need, as long as your request meets our criteria.


​​There is limited funding available, and so, the scheme is run on a first come, first served basis.

The amount of funding you will receive depends on level you apply for:

  • Level 1: 25% of the total fee

  • Level 2: 50% of the total fee

  • Level 3: 75% of the total fee

  • Level 4: 100% of the total fee

In order to support those most in need, members should only apply if they are in financial hardship or face additional challenges.

The fund will last for the remainder of the 2023-24 competitive season, expiring on 30/09/2024.

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