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competitive Squads

Our competitive squads are a ten month commitment for athletes between the ages of 9-18. A place in a competition team is only available by trialling in September each year.

We have nine competitive squads:

Mini Development - Age 8-12

Mini Performance - Age 9-12

Mini Elite - Age 9-12

Junior Development - Age 13-15

Junior Performance - Age 13-15

Junior Elite - Age 13-15

Senior Development  - Age 15-18

Senior Performance - Age 13-18

Senior Elite - Age 15-18


Swimmers will learn and develop competitive proficiency including:

  • Land and water training to build strength, flexibility and endurance

  • Techniques of strokes, sculls 

  • Perfoming a choreographed team routine

  • Competing at local and national synchro competitions 

Swimmers will work towards passing their Artistic Swimming Figure, Land and Routine Grades.

Swimmers will be required to compete 3-6 times a year including county, regional and national competitions.

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