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Artistic Swimming Club

based in Sevenoaks, Kent.

ABOUT our club

Aquaoaks is an artistic swimming club based in Kent. Our goal is to develop athletes from novice to elite, instilling skills that will serve our swimmers throughout their lifetime.

Artistic swimming is both outwardly graceful and powerful, deceptively physically and mentally demanding. The athletes in this sport combine the most difficult aspects of swimming, dance, and gymnastics.

Here in Sevenoaks we have programs for athletes from beginners to advanced. We have classes for swimmers from age 6+, as long as they can swim confidently.


meet the Coaches



Maisie, current head coach at Aquaoaks, started coaching synchronised swimming in 2017. In her time coaching Maisie's teams have won 142 gold,

55 silver and 42 bronze medals. 



Alison first started coaching synchronised swimming in 2012 when the club had just five members. Her commitment to synchro has seen the club grow to over sixty members in the last 9 years.


Aruni started coaching synchronised swimming in 2020. After doing synchronised swimming since she was 12, Aruni was keen to transition into coaching and inspire the next generation of Aquaoaks' artistic swimmers.


Synchronised swimming is an exciting and challenging sport which combines skills in swimming, dance & choreography and gymnastics. My daughter has been swimming with this wonderful club for 5 years and has benefitted from the dedicated, committed and knowledgeable coaches. The club is supportive and fun, and older swimmers inspire and mentor younger ones. Swimmers are challenged to work towards grades as well as compete in regional and national competitions which fosters a strong sense of teamwork. If you're keen to win medals and you love the water and you're prepared to work hard individually and as part of a team, then I'd highly recommend giving ‘Aquaoaks Artistic Swimming’ a try. 



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